Apr 252014

AgeSong Marin Helps Navigate Journey of Losing and Finding

From Whistlestop Express, April 2014


AgeSong Marin is a small discussion and support group of Family Service Agency where older adults meet to talk about what’s really important at this stage of life. A new eight-week group will be forming at Whistlestop in May. Most of us have faced some loss by this age: retirement, the death of a close friend or spouse, physical disability, or simply a loss of power or a place in the world. By talking about it with others who have experienced similar issues, we feel more understood and can strategize about new connections and possibilities.


AgeSong Marin, which is an all-volunteer organization, was co-founded eight years ago by Elizabeth Bugental and Ann Coffey, both retired psychologists. When Elizabeth died four years ago in her 80’s, Ann became program director. Excerpts from Elizabeth’s book, Agesong: Meditations for Our Later Years, are often a springboard for discussion in the groups, helping people become more aware in making conscious, informed choices.


Each group of six to eight people (plus two facilitators) meets during the day for 90 minutes once weekly for eight weeks. At the first meeting, they might consider, “What surprises you about being this age?” All 17 facilitators are volunteers, mostly retired or semi-retired counseling and educational professionals experienced in leading groups. Ranging in age from late 60’s to mid-80’s, these leaders participate as an AgeSong group member before becoming a facilitator.


If you are interested in being part of the group, call 491-5726 or e-mail info@agesongmarin.org to arrange for a short interview. In the group, you can be as quiet as you like, active listening is what’s important.