Jan 062018

If you have participated in one of our groups and wish to continue for another 8-week series, you may have the opportunity to continue with your current group or join another one of our Ongoing groups.  Ongoing groups continue throughout the year.

Currently ongoing groups meet at:

  • San Rafael Community Center, Mondays at 2 pm
  • Northgate Mall Community Room, Mondays at 2 pm
  • Falkirk Cultural Center, Tuesdays at 2 pm
  • The Meadows of Terra Linda, Wednesdays at 11 am
  • Mill Valley Community Center, Wednesdays at 1 pm
  • Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin, Thursdays at 10 am
  • San Rafael Community Center, Thursdays at 2 pm
  • Hospice by the Bay, Fridays at 11 am
  • Margaret Todd Senior Center, Fridays at 12:30 pm
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Jul 292016

Printed in the Marin Independent Journal Letters to the Editor Readers’ Forum, July 29, 2016

Why are few men involved with AgeSong Marin?

The Independent Journal has run several articles over the past year suggesting that aging presents men with a greater psychological challenge than it does women.

There is much in the literature to suggest that men are far more likely than women to either deny their aging or resign themselves to it. [continue reading]

Mar 172015

AgeSong offers alternative aging perspectives

By Ann Mizel

From The Ark, January 28, 2015

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Aging is often associated with loss, but it can also be a time of discovery.
Tiburon’s Ann Coffey, director and co-founder of AgeSong Marin, a volunteer-led program of small discussion groups for Marin seniors, believes “old age can be a privilege, and that attitude makes all the difference.”
Coffey, a retired clinical psychologist, says she gleaned her perspective from the program’s co-founder, author Elizabeth Bugental, who wrote “AgeSong: Meditations for Our Later Years.” A retired marriage and family counselor, Bugental came up with the idea for AgeSong Marin and Coffey offered to help. [continue reading]

Apr 252014

AgeSong Marin Helps Navigate Journey of Losing and Finding

From Whistlestop Express, April 2014


AgeSong Marin is a small discussion and support group of Family Service Agency where older adults meet to talk about what’s really important at this stage of life. A new eight-week group will be forming at Whistlestop in May. [continue reading]

Jun 012013

Great Age: Newsletter of the Marin County Commission on Aging

Spring-Summer 2013

AgeSong Marin by Ann Coffey, Ph.D.


Aging has become a hot topic as our generation continues to grow in number and importance. We are deluged with articles, research findings, documentaries, and even an Oscar winning movie. Gone are the days of sitting back in our rockers waiting for something to happen. [continue reading]

Aug 052010

Marin Independent Journal
August 5, 2010
by Ruth Rakovsky

I’m a retired professional who is part of the Civic Engagement Leadership Team. The program, run by Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership, affords me the opportunity to happily volunteer my professional services with Marin County nonprofits.

Quite by accident – although I suspect now it was not an accident at all – I was asked to meet with facilitators from AgeSong, a program of Family Service Agency of Marin. [continue reading]