Aug 252009

Marin Independent Journal
August 25, 2009
by Paul Liberatore

“Aging is the journey of losing and finding.” That poetic insight is from the late Marin author Elizabeth Bugental’s book, “Agesong: Meditations For Our Later Years.” Passages from it and from its sequel, “Paradoxes,” are at the heart of a Marin Family Services Agency program called AgeSong, a series of peer groups for seniors 65 and older to share their concerns about issues like dealing with loss and looking to the future. [continue reading]

Oct 142005

Pacific Sun
October 14, 2005
by Jill Kramer

Each time Elizabeth Bugental begins a new chapter of her life, she takes it on with gusto. She entered a convent at age 21 with enthusiasm and certainty. Shortly after leaving 19 years later, she dove into a career as a psychotherapist and fell passionately in love. [continue reading]